Our approach is bold. But an issue as critical as climate change demands nothing less.

At VGI, we’re more than urban clean energy advocates. We’re passionate thought leaders driven to transform clean energy into stronger economies, more prosperous communities and a healthier planet. This mission is much bigger than ourselves, and it powers everything we do.

VGI is on a mission to deliver 1 MW of solar energy and storage to each of Chicago’s 50 wards. How will we achieve this vision? By empowering communities, transforming policy, forging partnerships and leveraging our leadership into resilience that endures.

When it comes to climate change, we don’t believe that progress is needed; we know it is. We connect social, economic, political and ecological systems to ensure that the progress we make delivers the most value for our customers. And through it all, we’re committed to the philosophy that all humans can live in balance with the natural world and each other—regardless of their socioeconomic background and the community they call home.

A crisis as urgent as climate change demands bold action. We’re stepping up today to build a more resilient tomorrow for urban communities across the nation.


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