Projects as diverse as Chicago’s urban communities

VGI Energy customers come to us seeking clean energy solutions as diverse and vibrant as their community itself. Our bold thought leadership transforms the dream of resiliency into a clear customized strategy. Working hand in hand with our full-service development division, VLV Development, we ensure our progressive strategies translate into undeniable impact.

VGI is on the way to making Chicago the nation’s most resilient city. Explore our past, recent and future projects across the city’s 50 wards.

Commercial project

Richard J. Daley College (100kW)

VLV Development was awarded a contract to install solar panels across 13,000 square feet of the Richard J. Daley College roof. The 100 kW system will help reduce electric usage and costs for the City Colleges of Chicago and serve as an immersive learning lab where professors can teach students about clean energy.

The new energy system will produce more than 117,000 kWh of clean electricity annually, offsetting nearly 200,000 pounds of CO2, or 80.7 metric tons per year.

Commercial project

Christ Universal Temple Church (1MW)

VLV is completing the design of a 1 megawatt rooftop and carport solar panel installation, which will provide enough solar energy to power all the electronic appliances at Christ Universal Temple Church. Once complete, the solar system will save the church 965 metric tons of CO2 per year—the amount of greenhouse gases emitted annually by more than 200 cars.

Redevelopment project

OUR NEXT-LEVEL CLIMATE INNOVATION EXPERIENCE: Repurposing the former YALE Elementary school – into the CLIC

VGI’s Climate Leadership Innovation Center, the “first of its kind” experiential clean energy campus located in the heart of Chicago. When you visit The CLIC, you’ll see and feel climate innovation in action. But more than that, you’ll play a key role in shaping our city’s energy future, together with other Chicagoans passionate about our community and our planet.
The CLIC will be designed to educate and empower diverse urban communities on the benefits of energy resilience. From hands-on experiences to exhibits showcasing the latest in clean energy innovation, The CLIC will be a living, breathing testament to progress in action. And every detail was designed with your experience, and your empowerment, in mind. The CLIC opens its doors in summer 2018.

Housing Portfolio project

Dolton Apartments (16kW)

In partnership with VGI energy, VLV installed a 16kW solar system into Dolton Apartments, an 18-unit low-income multifamily complex that now has a source of renewable energy to power all its residents’ homes. The solar installation will help the complex avoid 15.4 metric tons per year of COs, the equivalent of the annual greenhouse gas emissions of more than 3 cars.

Housing Portfolio project

Transformation Housing I to V (200kW)

VLV is committed to helping low-income multifamily housing complexes across Chicago achieve affordable, reliable solar power. Ranging from 20kW to 50kW, these installations have helped urban communities significantly reduce CO2 emissions—and achieve lasting energy resiliency.


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