Vision that inspires. Resilience that endures.

VGI Energy is the climate change thought leadership hub committed to bringing clean energy to every urban community. We’re bold in our vision, strategic in our approach and unwavering in our belief that clean energy is a powerful vehicle for economic development.

VGI’s experts have collaborated with some of the most visionary climate change leaders, both worldwide and in our hometown of Chicago. By leveraging our in-depth expertise, groundbreaking MARIA framework and strategic partnerships, we craft initiatives that remove crucial barriers to clean energy access. That’s the meaning of resiliency that endures.
  • Clean Energy Benchmarking: VGI’s Resilience Assessments help utilities, corporations, municipalities and community groups clearly understand where they are today and how clean energy can improve their efficiency, bottom line and legacy. These benchmarks are the springboard for customized clean energy strategies.
  • Clean Energy Strategy: VGI’s visionaries dig deep into every customer’s needs and goals to design clean energy systems and strategies that deliver lasting impact. This includes selecting the best technology for a customer’s power requirements and securing financing to clear barriers to energy independence.
  • Clean Energy Implementation: Working with our full-service development division, VGI ensures the solar and microgrid systems we design are installed and managed by certified professionals.
  • Clean Energy Innovation: VGI works with regulators, policymakers and other stakeholders to develop initiatives that transform the energy landscape. We specialize in innovation related to delivery, critical facility infrastructure and the other unique needs of urban centers.
  • Clean Energy Awareness: VGI educates and empowers communities to harness the power of resiliency. We hold workshops and seminars, lead technology demonstrations and have developed our “first of its kind” Climate Leadership Innovation Center to make clean energy clear and accessible to urban populations.

Strengthening the link between sustainability and economic development

Our thought leadership is driven by one goal: to make solar energy a vehicle for economic development, energy independence and lasting security in urban areas. Our customers save an average of 20% on their energy costs. But more importantly, they solidify a lasting legacy in the eyes of their people, prosperity and the planet.

Drawing from this foundation, VGI has developed a bold vision for the future of Chicago. We’re embarking on a rigorous journey to power each of Chicago’s 50 wards with 1 MW of solar and storage. And that’s just the beginning. By combining tenacity, thought leadership and development expertise, we will curb climate change across the nation—and it all starts in urban centers.


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