Meet our next-level climate innovation experience

VGI’s Climate Leadership Innovation Center is the “first of its kind” experiential clean energy campus located in the heart of Chicago. When you visit The CLIC, you’ll see and feel climate innovation in action. But more than that, you’ll play a key role in shaping our city’s energy future, together with other Chicagoans passionate about our community and our planet.

We designed The CLIC to educate and empower diverse urban communities on the benefits of energy resilience. From hands-on experiences to exhibits showcasing the latest in clean energy innovation, The CLIC is a living, breathing testament to progress in action. And every detail was designed with your experience, and your empowerment, in mind.

The CLIC opens its doors in summer 2018. Join The CLIC now to stay up to date on our opening celebration and latest community programs.


47 W Polk Street #100-348,
Chicago, IL USA, 60605
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