Where thought leadership is a community affair

Too often, thought leadership remains confined to universities, offices and think tanks. At VGI Energy, we understand that real thought leadership must be a community affair—one defined by rich partnerships and an exchange of ideas that flow as freely as solar energy itself. To truly spearhead progress, visionary ideas must be applied to real problems, in real communities, with real community partners.

No one voice or idea can transform the clean energy landscape alone. We’re proud to collaborate with a diverse community of stakeholders that help us expand the reach, and impact, of critical clean energy initiatives.

In addition to our many partnerships, VGI works hand in hand with two internal divisions: VLV Development and Transformation Housing. VLV is our “boots on the roof” full-service development arm, which ensures our strategies are implemented in a way that maximizes value for every customer. For affordable housing clean energy projects, our Transformation Housing division can supplement our thought leadership with comprehensive property management services.


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